Our company provides assistance in the acquisition of real estate. From our side, professionalism and a guarantee of a safe transaction. If you want to find a suitable property option for you, just fill out the “Property Purchase Form” below or contact our agent by phone

If you want to sell your property at a bargain price and securely complete the transaction, fill out the “Property Sale Form” or contact our agent by phone


Our company also provides assistance in finding real estate for rent. Poor orientation in this beautiful city? Contact us, we will definitely tell you where it is better to rent a house and how to get to the addresses you need faster. Just fill out the “Real Estate Rental Form” or contact our agent by phone

You cannot or do not want to bother with renting out your apartment or house. That’s right, it’s not necessary, we’ll do everything for you. simply fill out the “Form to Lease Property” or call our agent on the phone

Our company, in addition to basic services, offers the following services.

Cleaning services

Our specialists will come to you and carry out a general cleaning in case of emergency, or an option with maintenance cleaning for a long period of time is possible.

You can use your cleaning products or ours.

Moving services

Our experts will take care of all the hassle of moving. Carefully and quickly deliver your belongings from the old apartment to the new one.
All conditions are negotiated individually according to the needs of the client.


For the first time in our beautiful capital? Don’t worry, you won’t get lost with us. Our transfer service will take you to your destination with maximum comfort and safety.

Custom Inquiry Form

The Inquiry Form widget allows you to design unique forms to capture your leads. This form automatically connects with the integrated Houzez CRM and your email inbox to keep everything on track.

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